X ROCE Meeting
27 de June a 29 de June

X ROCE Meeting


From 27 June to 29 June


Palacio de la Madraza y Espacio V Centenario






From 50€ to 50 €

X Meeting of ROCE
(Organizers of educative and social concerts)

ParticipantsMusic teachers of primary and secondary schools, from Conservatoires and music schools, researchers, musicologists, performers and all those interested in the contents of the meeting.

Coordinator: Mikel Cañada (president of ROCE)

Teaching staff

Francisco Mora Teruel (Doctor in Medicine and neuroscience), Jodi A. Jauset (PhD in Communication, engineer, Master’s degree in Psicobiology and cognitive neuroscience), Elvira Brattico (neurobiologist and researcher at Aarhus University), Boris Klever (Aarhus University), Isabel Pérez Izquierdo (head of the Department of scenic arts of the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions), José Luis Aróstegui Plaza (Teacher of Pedagogy of Musical Expression, Granada University), Manuel Cañas (PhD in Musical Education) and the manager of the Granada City Orchestra.

Music and Neuroscience. A journey and a reunion.
Lectures, workshops and round table meetings will take place by experts in neuroscience, music and education, with the aim of clarifying concepts, and to position us in front of current issues of the different studies on the subject.

Dates and venues
From June 27th to 29th in morning and afternoon sessions. On Saturday 29th the activity will end at 14.00h
Venues: Palacio de la Madraza (C/ Oficios, 14) and Sala Máxima at Espacio V Centenario (Avda. de Madrid, s/n)

Number of hours: 20

Fees: 50 €

Seats: 80

Selection process
Those interested in taking part in this activity are kindly requested to indicate in their application, a resumé. Acceptance will be notified to successful applicants by e-mail.

Deadline for registrations: May 30th at 18.00pm

More info at: www.rocemusica.org