United Instruments of Lucilin
Centro Federico García Lorca
Tuesday 29 June 20:00 Chamber music concert
Chamber Music


United Instruments of Lucilin



Crumb-Lorca Project II


George Crumb (1929)

Vox Balaenae (trio for amplified flute, cello and piano. 1971)

Anne Castex (1993)

De l’un à l’autre (flute, clarinet and saxophone. 2019)

Helmut Lachenmann (1935)

Trio fluido (clarinet, viola and percussion. 1966-1967)

Fausto Romitelli (1963-2004)

Prima domenica, from Domeniche alla periferia dell’impero (flute, clarinet, violin and cello. 1996-1997)

José Luis Valdivia Arias (1994)

Boyish* (flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, viola, cello, percussion and piano. 2021)

* World premiere. Commissioned by the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical in collaboration with the Granada Festival

Cycle in co-production with the CNDM

In collaboration with the Centro Federico García Lorca

Nocturnal Sea

Created in 1999 by a group of passionate Luxembourg musicians, the contemporary music ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin presents in Granada one of Crumb’s best-known pieces, Vox Balaenae (The Whale’s Voice), inspired by the song of the cetaceans. Aside from fitting perfectly into the general theme of the concerts of this cycle due, above all, to his latest movement, Sea-Nocturne, it is an ideal piece to get acquainted with Crumb’s music. To this piece, the program also adds De l’un à l’autre, by the young composer Anne Castex, Lachenmann’s Trio fluido, which title expresses the will (and need) to escape the musical pointillism of those years, the spectral Prima domenica by the prematurely dead Fausto Romitelli, and Boyish by José Luis Valdivia Arias: “I have always wanted to write a piece to be able to permeate the Spanish luminosity,” emphasizes the Granada-born composer.