Photography workshop: music , dance and the city
21 de June a 5 de July

Photography workshop: music , dance and the city


From 21 June to 5 July


Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad de Granada (Avda. de Andalucía, s/n) y espacios de los Cursos Manuel de Falla y del FEX del 67 Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada






Participants: students and graduates in Fine Arts, students and graduates from Arts and Crafts Colleges, Arts Secondary Schools, amateur and professional photographers


Co-ordinator: Francisco J. Sánchez Montalbán (University of Granada)


Teaching staff:


Francisco Fernández Sánchez, Francisco J. Sánchez Montalbán and Rafael Peralbo Cano. Special guest teachers: Rafael Doctor and Pastora Rueckert


Description: the workshop consists of theory classes where there will be a review of criteria and resources of action photography in music performances, as well as a look back to the influence of photography on the Festival and how the Festival has been seen through the camera lens.  These theory sessions will be given by the teachers working on this workshop and there will be a special contribution from Rafael Doctor, director of the Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía, and Pastora Rueckert, teacher at the Arts and Crafts College in Almería, as invited guest speakers. The theory classes will be complemented by direct practice at the many and varied performances where each participant will be required to elaborate a reportage giving a personal view of events

Contents: the photographic reportage: definition and specificity in a music environment. Theories on the reportage; analysis of photographic reality and attitudes towards events; documentation of events: photographic coverage of performances and events; reportage analysis: documentation and artistic expression; stylistic resources, technique and aesthetic applications; the personal photographic project; attitudes towards reality; forms, models and strategies of vision and register.  Evaluation and choice of personal work


Dates: from June 21st to July 5th, in morning and evening sessions


Hours: 75



Registration: 30 €

Fees participants : 110 €

Students of Spanish public universities and conservatories:

Registration fee: 30 €

Fees participants: 70 €


Grants:applications may be made for grants for fees or accommodation (see General conditions of participation)


Seats: 15


Selection process: those interested in taking part in the workshop will must provide a résumé , as well as to indicate in their applications a link to blog, Facebook, Flickr or website where they host their photography dossiers focused on dance and music, if possible. The result of the selection process will be confirmed to the students by e-mail.


End of registration: june 7th


Viewings of the photography workshop

A selection of photographs taken by the students during the workshop will remain at the Festival’s headquarters and may be used in publications produced by the Festival such as the annual report of activities, the website, and publicity leaflets for the FEX and the Manuel de Falla courses, or other types of publications.  The author of any particular photograph used for these purpose will always be acknowledged.  A copy of this material will also be kept in the Collection of Contemporary Art of the University of Granada who may use the photographs for its own exhibitions or as loans to exhibitions organized by other universities or official institutions.  Any other use other than by the University or the Festival will require specific authorization from the student who produced the photograph


With the collaboration of:


Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía

Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad de Granada

Facultad de Comunicación y Documentación de la Universidad de Granada

Departamento de Dibujo, Departamento de Pintura y Departamento de Escultura de la Universidad de Granada