Inclusive stage workshop. With the sponsorship of Obra Social “la Caixa”
2 de July a 7 de July

Inclusive stage workshop. With the sponsorship of Obra Social “la Caixa”


From 2 July to 7 July


Teatro Alhambra






Participants: students of conservatories and dance schools, music schools, workshops and theatre schools.  It is also suitable for university students on Education Sciences and Psycho pedagogy courses, psychology professionals and students of pedagogy, physical education and psychomotor activity.  It is also appropriate for people with physical or sensorial disabilities who are interested in scenic creativity work, with or without previous experience.



  • the workshop is a practical activity although theory sessions are also included. The aim of this workshop is to show by means of a creative workshop the working methods of different stage managers and choreographers within the framework of inclusive dance or integrated within the scenic arts. This variety of dance-theatre brings together people with physical, psychological or sensorial disabilities.

As a climax to the course there will be an artistic display given by the students and their teachers.


Different proposals will be broached:


  • Choreography and stage composition: works of improvisation, stage proposals and creation of pieces.
  • Inclusive stage projects: inclusive companies’ management and their distribution. Creation of new audiences.
  • Art as a change motor: the importance of active participation and motivation of inclusive projects.
  • New working resources in the field of inclusive dance and stage.


Several guest groups will be taking part in the workshop, to prepare together with teachers and participants, the different pieces to be performed at the end o the workshop


Artistic workshop display.

The students and teachers of the Workshop will give a final display on the 7th of July in the Teatro Alhambra, within the framework of the 67th Festival Extension (FEX).


Dates, schedule and venue:


From July 2nd to 6th: from 9.00 to 14.00 pm and from 17.00 to 20.00 pm.

July 7th: from 9.00 to 22.00 h, rehearsals and performance

Venue: Teatro Alhambra (C/ Molinos, 56)





Hours: 60


Co-ordinator: Gabriela Martín (Fundación Psico Ballet Maite León)


Teaching staff: Manuel Cañadas, Bernardo Gama, Guillermo Weickert and Gabriela Martín




Registration fee 30 €

Participants fees: 110 €. Observers: 70€

Students of Spanish public universities and conservatories:

Registration fee: 30 €. Fees: 70 €



Grants: registration fee or accommodation grants may be applied for (see general conditions of registration)


End of registration: 7 june


Participants: 20. Observers will be welcome although they cannot take part as participants in the workshop and final performance.






With the collaboration of:

Teatro Alhambra

Concejalía delegada de derechos sociales, educación y accesibilidad. Ayuntamiento de Granada.

Asociación SuperArt

Aldeas Infantiles Granada