The Palace of Charles V
Wednesday 3 July 22:30 Recital


Sílvia Pérez Cruz, voice and guitar

Javier Colina, double bass, voice

Marco Mezquida, piano

Juan Casanovas, sound technician

cube.bz, lighting design


Running time: approx. 1 hour and 40 minutes without intermission

Granada as a bridge between the voice and the guitar

Since 2012 when she startes her career on her own, the Catalonian singer and composer Sílvia Pérez Cruz has not ceased to surprise her audience with her thrilling and unclassifiable song catalogue. The intimate and fragile 11 de noviembre (album devoted to the memory of his father) was followed by another album of versions, Granada, which had as a spiritual referent none other than Enrique Morente and Pepe Habichuela. She will be presenting a world premiere in the Palace of Charles V, of which nothing or very little is known, except that it digs its roots in a city which, in the absence of other definitions, seems to be as sweet as explosive.