Rocío Márquez & Jorge Drexler
The Palace of Charles V
Tuesday 3 July 22:30 Flamenco


Rocío Márquez, flamenco singer

Jorge Drexler, singer-song writer


Aquellos puentes sutiles

Premiere. Commission by the Granada Festival

Duration: 1hr 40mins approx. (without interval)

Aquellos puentes sutiles is a very personal work by Rocío Márquez and Jorge Drexler, two artists with their own unmistakable style. These two amazing voices of creative brilliance come together for a new and attractive project which was commissioned by the Festival. Both artists reflect total adherence to tradition and, from that perspective, they have created a production based on the songs of “ida y vuelta” which cross the Atlantic to bring us echoes of the music which paved the way for the richest Latin American traditions. This music is the fusion of folklore from overseas with the deep-rooted flamenco from Andalucia.