Rafael Riqueni & Miguel Ángel Cortés
Palacio de los Córdova
Thursday 8 July 22:30 Flamenco
Musics for Summer Nights (Guitar)


Rafael Riqueni, guitar

Miguel Ángel Cortés, guitar



Twelve Strings, Hand in Hand

Concert with no interval

Two Guitars for a Unique Space

Rafael Riqueni is a living relic, a cult player, an artist of artists. Miguel Ángel Cortés writes part of the future of the sonanta with the strings that he strikes always inclined towards the chord of the dripping water in the Alhambra. Rafael Riqueni is the sound that emerges from the aroma of the Sevillian orange blossom, he is the present and future of genuine sensitivity. Miguel Ángel Cortés is the bearer of the sound conjunctions of yesterday and today. Their guitars melt into a unique, unprecedented show in front of the incomparable setting of the Palacio de los Córdova. A night to be registered in the memory of the finest palates.