Pedro El Granaíno
Auditorio Municipal La Chumbera
Friday 17 June 21:00 Flamenco
Flamenco Soirées




Pedro El Granaíno, singing

Patrocinio Hijo, guitar

Miguel Heredia y Luis Dorado, hand-clapping and backing vocals



Granaíno jondo

Tribute to Chocolate, Fosforito and Enrique Morente

Concert with no interval

The Beauty of Quejío

Pedro El Granaíno enjoys the strange virtue of having undeniable listeners of his singing, who travel hundreds of miles to listen to the truth and purity that emanate from the core of his senses. This Nasrid artist has erected the robust construction of his music from that way of singing, from the inside to the further inside. And he also has another virtue: that of having found an excellent squire. Patrocinio Hijo, from Córdoba, has become one of the most undeniable accompaniment guitarists of today. Together they make up a perfect duo where harmony, rhythm and precision come together to offer unique moments, songs enchanted by the beauty of artistic rapport and the emotional tranquility of one who knows that he is surrounded by the sound and who senses the musical intentions at every moment. Unique recitals for exquisite palates.