Patricia Guerrero
The Generalife Theatre
Friday 8 July 23:00 Dance




Patricia Guerrero, dance






Direction, choreography, and dancing: Patricia Guerrero

Dramaturgy and stage direction: Juan Dolores Caballero

Dancers: Martí Corbera, Maise Márquez, Gloria del Rosario, Anna Pérez, Hugo Sánchez, Ángel S. Fariña, Fernando Jiménez

Guitar: Dani de Morón

Voices: Sergio El Colorao, Amparo Lagares

Percussion: Agustín Diassera

Keyboards: Óscar Álvarez

Production: Cía Patricia Guerrero wit the support of the Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales. Instituto Andaluz de Flamenco.

Co-production: Festival Arte Flamenco de Mont-de-Marsan, Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla and Festival de Granada.


Performance with no interval. Estimated duration: 70 minutes

Delusions and Dance

Patricia Guerrero (Granada, 1990) has in her own self, despite her youth, the gift of creation, and her recent National Dance Award not only sanctions this faculty, but also boosts it. That’s why the bailaora has wanted to make a declaration of intent from the very title of her new show: Deliranza. Delusions and Dance, but with the generosity of making the viewer take part in the evolution of her concerns and her experience. The artist reveals new dimensions to us through characters such as the woman with a thousand dresses, the two cousins, La Gritaora (The Yelling Woman), the Truhán del tiempo (The Crook of Time)… with whom we will immerse ourselves in a thousand adventures of an imaginary setting that goes from Wordsworth to Bergson passing through Magritte, pure surrealism made into dance.