Orquesta Joven de la Sinfónica de Galicia & Víctor Pablo Pérez
The Palace of Charles V
Friday 1 July 22:30 Symphony concert
Palace Concerts



Orquesta Joven de la Sinfónica de Galicia

Jordi Cos, idea and original script

Salvador Vidal, narrator

Víctor Pablo Pérez, conductor



Music from the Movies. A Tribute to John Williams


John Williams (1932)

John Williams (1932)



Summon the heroes



The Patriot

Harry Potter

Jurassic Park



Tribute to Film Composers


Schindler’s List

Close Encounters of the Thisrd Kind

Star Wars: Cantina Band

Star Wars: Luke and Leia

Star Wars suite:

Imperial March

Yoda Theme

Main Theme

A Tribute to John Williams

A youth orchestra for an essentially young art, that of film soundtracks, embodied in the work of one of the greatest musical creators the world of cinema has ever given, John Williams (Floral Park, New York, 1932) . For his 90th birthday, the Festival dedicates a heartfelt tribute to him that, in addition to giving a tour through some of his most popular cinematic scores (from Jaws to Harry Potter, passing through Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park or, of course, Star Wars) also to pieces such as the one written for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Salvador Vidal, a highly respected dubbing actor (he is the Spanish voice of Liam Neeson, for example), participates in the concert presenting each theme with some quotes from the matching film.