Teatro Isabel la Católica
Thursday 4 July 22:30 Flamenco


Olga Pericet, flamenco dance


Un cuerpo infinito

Idea, artistic creation, musical direction, choreography and dance: Olga Pericet

Stage direction: Carlota Ferrer

Dramaturgy consultant: Roberto Frattini

Guest choreographers: Marco Flores, Rafael Estévez and Valeriano Paños

Guitar: Antonia Jiménez

Flamenco singers: Inma “La Carbonera” and Miguel Lavi

Percussion: Paco Vega

Piano: guest musician

Stage design: Carlota Ferrer and Gloria Montesinos

Costumes design: Olga Pericet and Yaiza Pinillos

Atelier: Gabi Besa

Shoes: Antonio García

Lighting design: Gloria Montesinos

Sound design: Antonio Romero

Management and Executive production: Ana Carrasco/Peineta Producciones

Production: Olga Pericet

Acknowledgement to Fernando López

Running time: approx. 90 minutes without intermission

Carmen Amaya as an inspiration

Un cuerpo infinito will be premiered in Madrid in May and will be presented in Granada with the special energy of the dancer and choreographer who received the National Dance Award last year. Olga Pericet claims not have designed this piece as a homage to Carmen Amaya, although she has taken the great flamenco dancer as an inspiration for the show. Together with guest choreographers Estévez and Paños, Pericet has carried out an intense research on the mythic artist whom she even feels to “know personally”. “She is present on stage, because there are moments it seems she is in my shoes, although I do not intend at all to accommodate my movement to her way of dancing. I have avoided from the beginning any hint of imitation”.