Musica Ficta
The San Jeronimo Monastery
Saturday 2 July 12:30 Singing and Chiming. Ancient and Baroque Sounds
Singing and Chiming. Ancient and Baroque Sounds



Musica Ficta

Raúl Mallavibarrena, director





Music at the time of Emperor Charles V


Josquin Desprez (c. 1440-1521)

Gaude virgo, mater Christi


Cristóbal de Morales (1500-1553)

Lamentabatur Jacob (c. 1543)


Nicolas Gombert (c. 1495-c. 1560)

Media vita


Josquin Desprez

Missa Pange lingua (c. 1514)


Heinrich Isaac (c. 1450-1517)

Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen (1485)

Concert with no interval


In co-production with the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical


Polyphony for an Emperor

The Missa Pange lingua, the last of those composed by Josquin Desprez, is one of the most admired musical creations of the entire Renaissance, a true paradigm of the most classical contrapuntal art, governed by transparency and balance. Mallavibarrena and his ensemble put the mass at the centre of a program that includes other popular works of his time, such as the song by Heinrich Isaac or the motets by Cristóbal de Morales and Nicolas Gombert, who, a generation after Josquin, brought imitative polyphony to a complexity as dense as it is dazzling.