Musica Boscareccia
The San Jeronimo Monastery
Sunday 3 July 12:30 Singing and Chiming. Ancient and Baroque Sounds
Singing and Chiming. Ancient and Baroque Sounds



Musica Boscareccia

Alicia Amo, soprano

Andoni Mercero, violin and direction



Francisco Corselli (1705-1778)

Second Lamentation on the Holy Friday in C minor, for soprano and strings * (transcription: A. Mercero)


Sebastián de Albero (1722-1756)

Fugue in D minor (Allegro) and Sonata (Allegro) in D major for harpsichord (arranged for strings: A. Mercero)


Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710-1736)

Salve Regina in C minor for soprano and strings


Antonio Soler (1729-1783)

Sonata for harpsichord No. 117 (adaptation: B. García-Bernalt)


José de Nebra

Salve Regina in G minor, for soprano, violins and bass continuo (transcription: B. García-Bernalt)


Francisco Corselli

Concertino a cuatro (1770)

Regina caeli laetare in G minor, for soprano and strings * (1750. Transcription: A. Mercero)

Concert with no interval


* Historic revival, rerun in modern times

In co-production with the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical


Hail, Queen

The revival of Spanish music from the 18th century is a reality in full expansion. In this concert, Musica Boscareccia, the ensemble of soprano Alicia Amo and violinist Andoni Mercero, return to Francisco Corselli, one of their favourite composers: after the secular songs and instrumental music of previous projects, their rescue work reaches religious music, which can be contrasted with that of his partner in the Royal Chapel, José de Nebra. The music setting of the Salve Regina will serve as a common thread and confirmation that the Italian style was well established and had continuity in the Spanish peninsula, as the works of Pergolesi and Antonio Soler come to show. A transcription for strings of Sebastián de Albero’s keyboard music completes the program.