Miguel Poveda
The Generalife Theatre
Friday 24 July 23:00 Recital


Miguel Poveda, voice

Joan Albert Amargós, piano and musical direction

Jesús Guerrero, guitar

Manuel Reina, drums

José Manuel Posada Popo, bass

Paquito González, percussion

Los Mellis y El Londro, palmas and chorus

Carlos Grilo, palmas

Jesús Carmona, flamenco dancer


Flamenco EnLorquecido

Performance without intermission

Estimated duration: 3 hours

Singing Lorca

Miguel Poveda conquered the skies of flamenco singing by being awarded with the Lámpara Minera prize as a teenager, back in 1993. From there his career has been unstoppable. He has built, step by step, an intense path in discography and recognition. His personality and that exquisiteness that decorates his singing, make him one of the essentials of flamenco (and music) of the 21st century. Throughout his career he has given voice to different poets until landing in the Granada-born Federico García Lorca. Around the poet of Fuente Vaqueros, he created a work that has been highly acclaimed by the audience and critics: EnLorquecido (a game on words in Spanish between “Lorca-inspired” and “maddened”) is a fascinating tour around Federico’s work located in an open musical prism that combines flamenco with a careful instrumentation.