Martirio & Chano Domínguez
Palacio de los Córdova
Thursday 1 July 22:30 Musics for Summer Nights (Copla)
Musics for Summer Nights (Spanish songs)


Martirio, voice

Chano Domínguez, piano



To Bola de Nieve

Tribute to Ignacio Jacinto Villa Fernández “Bola de Nieve” on the 50th anniversary of his death

Concert with no interval

On Either Side of the Pond

After more than a decade since those unforgettable concerts that left two equally memorable albums (Coplas de madrugá, Acoplados) in which Spanish-style singing and jazz merged happily, Martirio and Chano Domínguez once again join their paths to pay tribute to a great Cuban musician in the fiftieth anniversary of his death. His name was Ignacio Jacinto Villa Fernández, but he was known as Bola de Nieve. An absolute master of filin, that genre in which bolero and jazz intersect, Bola really transcended genres with his cosmopolitan charm, which allowed him to triumph in half the world for his admirable ability to fuse different rhythms and harmonies, but also with his humanity, his tenderness and his poignant expressiveness. A noble challenge between two great Andalusian artists meeting a brother from the other side of the pond.