María Terremoto
Auditorio Municipal La Chumbera
Friday 24 June 21:00 Flamenco
Flamenco Soirées




María Terremoto, singing

Nono Jero, guitar




Concert  with no interval


Co-production with the Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales. Instituto Andaluz de Flamenco


The Present Day of Jerez Singing

She was born in Jerez, this very young cantaora (flamenco singer) who has carried the name of the land of wine and the musical heritage of her house to all corners of the world. Granddaughter of the legendary cantaor Terremoto and the historic footballer Antonio Benítez from Real Betis team, the daughter of Fernando Terremoto has been able to read the importance of her legacy in today’s key. She is a singer of great naturalness and virtuoso of the tempo, she has all the artistic weight of the old Jerez women combined with the agility and cunning of younger singing. María likes herself in the most distinguished styles of her land, from the soleá to the tientos, but she has a doctorate cum laude in the execution of bulerías to which she imprints all the flavours of singer La Paquera, from the Santiago neighborhood and the Calle de la Sangre in Jerez, with her voice full of aurora borealis sparkles.