Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo
Saturday 7 July 12:00 Chamber music concert



Claudia Caffagni, voice and lute

Livia Caffagni, voice, flute and vihuela

Elisabetta de Mircovich, voice, vihuela and hurdy gurdy

Matteo Zenatti, voice, harp and percussion


Facciam laude a tutti i santi


Works by San Godric de Finchale, Marchetto da Padova, Antonio da Cividale, Guillaume Dufay and Italian and British anonymous composers (centuries. IX to XV)

Duration: 60mins approx. (without interval)

Thirty years of serious research are at the heart of the work of laReverdie who specialise in the interpretation of Medieval European music. Its members sing and play instruments of that period and their work is characterised by the enthusiasm with which they tackle each project. To their visit to the Granada Festival they bring their programme Facciam laude a tutti i santi in which they explore the lay devotional repertoire of the late Middle Ages in Italy. This is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity to hear music of another age through a virtuoso performance which is based on historical rigour.