La Danserye & Capella Prolationum & Schola Antiqua
The San Jeronimo Monastery
Sunday 20 June 12:30 Singing and Chiming. Ancient and Baroque Sounds
Singing and Chiming. Ancient and Baroque Sounds


La Danserye

Capella Prolationum

Fernando Pérez Valera, artistic director

Isaac Alonso de Molina, musical director


Schola Antiqua

Juan Carlos Asensio, director



Charles V and Imperial Music


Plain singing and works by Tilman Susato, Cristóbal de Morales, Thomas Crecquillon, Jacobus Clemens non Papa, Johannes Lupi, Jean de Richafort, Nicolas Gombert and Antonio de Cabezón

In memoriam Diego Martínez Martínez

Concert with no interval

Charles V and Music

An ensemble of minstrels (the typical winds of the Spanish Renaissance cathedrals), an eight-voice choir and a Gregorian chapel pay tribute to Emperor Charles V with a program that includes religious and secular pieces that were related to the monarch. Mille regretz, Joaquin Desprez’s song that might have been his favourite, is presented in different arrangements of the time, as well as in the mass that Cristóbal de Morales composed from it. But there is also a monumental motet dedicated to him by Jacobus Clemens non Papa or pieces by musicians affiliated to the Capilla Flamenca, such as Thomas Crecquillon or Nicholas Gombert, or as close as the Burgos-born organist Antonio de Cabezón. An imperial stroll through interpretation practices perfectly documented in its time, but which are not very much in use today.