Juan María Pedrero
Parroquia de Nuestro Salvador
Tuesday 29 June 21:00 Recital
The Organs of Granada


Juan María Pedrero, organ



Le jardin suspendu


Works by Dietrich Buxtehude, François Couperin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Böhm, Felix Mendelssohn and Jehan Alain

Concert with no interval

Germany & France

In the versatile organ of El Salvador, Juan María Pedrero proposes a program in which two great European organ schools, the German and the French, compete. The great genres cultivated by musicians from northern Germany, such as preludes, chorales, toccatas and fugues are present in the work of such essential composers as Buxtehude, Böhm, and Bach. The French contrast comes to them through Couperin the Great who, being very young, was able to publish a couple of impressive organ books for the use of parishes and convents. In Romanticism, the German tradition was continued by Mendelssohn, a renowned improviser to the instrument, who even dedicated his Six Sonatas Op. 65 to it, among them the one in D minor offered by Pedrero made from a famous Lutheran choir about the Lord’s Prayer. The French response now comes from a 20th century musician, Jehan Alain, a composer with a very personal language who died young in World War II.