José del Tomate
Palacio de los Córdova
Wednesday 6 July 22:30 Flamenco
Flamenco Soirées




José del Tomate, guitar



Plaza Vieja

Concert with no interval


Co-production with the Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales. Instituto Andaluz de Flamenco


The Language of Youth

The brand new player from Almería, José del Tomate, takes his artistic name of his father and teacher, the renowned player José Fernández Torres ‘Tomatito’. Noble lineage of a playing dynasty that goes back to his great-grandfather and that has placed Almería as a center of reference in flamenco guitar from its roots, particularly identified with Camarón, who chose Tomatito as his everlasting companion. The Tomatito school has legions of followers, but with a single heir due to fundamentally artistic merits: José del Tomate. From the freshness of his sonic approach, the young guitarist has been able to translate the musical legacy of his father to the idiomatic demands of the youth. He has become one of the great promises of current guitar playing, and in 2018 he released his first album Plaza Vieja with the Universal Music label.