Jorge Pardo Quartet
Corral del Carbón
Saturday 10 July 22:30 Musics for Summer Nights (Jazz)
Musics for Summer Nights (Jazz)


Jorge Pardo Quartet

Melón Jiménez, guitara

Ton Risco, vibraphone

Bandolero, percussion

Jorge Pardo, wind




Concert with no interval

In Trance

The bearer of the Premio Nacional de las Músicas Actuales 2015, Award for the Best European Jazz Musician 2013 –given in France by the prestigious Académie du Jazz– and a true master of flamenco, Madrid-born Jorge Pardo brings us his latest show, Trance, to continue delving into the feeling of his privileged relationship with the audience, to continue experimenting with the matter of sound. Between bulerías and boleros, sones and ragas, be-bop and counterpoints, Jorge Pardo has been tracing –he still is– a very singular path through the music of our days. Between twists and turns, whether he mixes with a baroque ensemble or with an orchestra, or by joining African or Caribbean musicians, Pardo is always equal to himself, a musician in a permanent state of curiosity and amazement, open, innovative and inquisitive.