Jordi Savall & Pedro Estevan
The Patio de los Arrayanes
Monday 28 June 22:30 Recital
Great Performers


Jordi Savall, rebab, viola da gamba soprano and rabel

Pedro Estevan, percussions



East-West. A Dialogue of the Souls

 Dialogue between Christian, Jewish and Muslim music with the traditions of the Mediterranean

A concert commemorating Jordi Savall’s 80th birthday

Concert with no interval

A Stroll along the Mediterranean Culture

Accompanied by one of his most faithful squires in decades, the always refined percussionist Pedro Estevan, Jordi Savall returns to one of the repertoires that has spread his prestige as an explorer of ancestral music throughout the world, in this case those of the ancient Christian, Jewish and Muslim Hispania, which he will mix with those of medieval Italy and France, Morocco, Israel, Afghanistan, Armenia and the former Ottoman Empire. The great Catalan viola da gamba player and conductor embarks here on a fascinating journey through the Mediterranean countries accompanied by ancient bow instruments, a stroll along diverse cultures and lands throughout several centuries that in the words of Amin Maalouf can be understood as a real «dialogue of the souls».