The Firebird
Teatro Isabel la Católica
Wednesday 27 June 19:30 Children’s Festival


Teatro Gioco Vita

With: Valeria Barreca, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Tiziano Ferrari


The Firebird

A tale for music, shadows and dance based on L’Oiseau de feu by Igor Stravinsky and the drawings by Enrico Baj


Direction and set design: Fabrizio Montecchi

Shadow puppets: Nicoletta Garioni (from drawings by Enrico Baj)

Movement and choreography: Gloria Dorliguzzo

Lights: Davide Rigodanza

Costumes: Giulia Bonaldi, Anusc Castiglioni, Corinne Lejeune

Recommended age: from age 10

Performance without interval

Never has The Firebird been so appealing and attractive to the eyes of children. The approach of Enrico Bai’s figures and those of the Teatro Gioco Vita artists make Stravinsky’s work combine music, shadow theatre and dance. The production is dynamic and bewitching, ideal for introducing younger audiences to 20th century music.