Eduardo Fernández
Edificio "El Cubo" de CaixaBank
Thursday 24 June 22:00 Recital
Stage Concerts (Visual Concert)


Eduardo Fernández, piano



The Colours of Music


Aleksandr Scriabin (1872-1915)

48 Synesthetic Preludes (1888-1906)

Concert with no interval

Esotericism and Synesthesia

Madrid-born Eduardo Fernández is today one of the world’s leading specialists in Aleksandr Scriabin’s work, a composer whose music is full of mystical and esoteric references. As a follower of the theosophical doctrines of Madama Blavatsky, Scriabin played with elements of synesthesia in some of his works, associating sounds with colours, and subsequently with certain sensations, in such a way that, for example, red (linked to the C key) was demonic, while blue (tonality for F sharp) was heavenly. Fernández has chosen forty-eight of the almost one hundred preludes left by Scriabin, and has grouped them by key in groups of four, each of which will be illuminated in a different way, thus trying to reflect the very personal inner world of the Russian composer.