Dos generaciones flamencas I
Plaza de los Aljibes
Monday 13 June 22:30 Flamenco
Flamenco Soirées




Two flamenco generations to commemorate a century of Cante Jondo


Senior artists: Rancapino, José de la Tomasa, Juan Villar y Vicente Soto

Junior artists: Antonio Reyes, Jesús Méndez, Antonio Campos y Kiki Morente

Guitars: Miguel Ángel Cortés y Miguel Ochando

Guest artist (guitar): Pepe Habichuela

Presenter: Juan Pinilla



Opening Concert to commemorate the I Cante Jondo Flamenco Contest (Granada, 1922)

Concert with no interval

A Night of History and for History

Commemorating the centenary in the same place and on the same date before the very ancient walls that witnessed that First Cante Jondo Flamenco Contest, the audience will be dazzled by the mastery of José de la Tomasa, descendant of Manel Torre, Vicente Soto, current patriarch of the ‘Sordera de Jerez’ family, Alonso Núñez, the legendary Rancapino, lord of the noble house of the essences of the Cante de la Bahía, and Juan Villar, one of the last sonorous bastions of Cádiz. At the other extreme, the youth who continued the flamenco heritage represented by the award-winning singer from Chiclana Antonio Reyes, the Jerez-born Jesús Méndez, of the La Paquera lineage, Antonio Campos, from Granada with a coppery voice and a long career, and Kiki Morente, the youngest of his lineage that claims a golden space among the greatest. And to harmonize such Flamenco substance, two prodigious guitarists from the region, Miguel Ángel Cortés and Miguel Ochando. The icing on the cake in this historic program is the dean of the outstanding Carmona dynasty and master of guitar playing, Pepe Habichuela.