Daniel Zapico & Pablo Zapico
Corral del Carbón
Friday 29 June 22:30 Recital


Daniel Zapico, theorbo

Pablo Zapico, vihuela and Baroque guitar



Differences between Spanish and Italian music from the Renaissance to the Baroque


Luis de Narváez: Fantasia del quarto tono

Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger: Toccata XI

Luis de Narváez: Guárdame las vacas

Gaspar Sanz: Marionas

Luis de Narváez: Conde Claros

G. G. Kapsperger: Villan di Spagna

Gaspar Sanz: Pavanas por la D, con Partidas al Aire Español

Francesco Corbetta: Passachaglia

G. G. Kapsperger: Capona & Ciaccona

Gaspar Sanz: Jacaras

Gio. Battista Vitali: Bergamasca

Gaspar Sanz: Españoletas

Santiago de Murcia: Cumbees

Francesco Corbetta: Prelude

G. G. Kapsperger: Passacaglia

Santiago de Murcia: Folías Gallegas & Fandango


All the works are arrangements by Daniel Zapico and Pablo Zapico

Duration: 60mins approx. (without interval)

The brothers Daniel and Pablo Zapico are members of Forma Antiqva as well as being resident artists of this edition of the Granada Festival. Here they show their mastery of the plucked string in the context of ancient music. They rank in a privileged position with regard to historic interpretation and here they offer us Mediterránea, in which they explore the range of differences between Spanish and Italian music of the Renaissance and the Baroque periods. They open with music by the Granada composer Luis de Narváez, followed by works by Gaspar Sanz, Santiago de Murcia and Kapsperger.