Palacio de los Córdova
Thursday 27 June 22:30 Flamenco


Dani de Morón, flamenco guitar




Guitar, composition and arrangements: Dani de Morón

Flamenco singers (guest artists): Duquende, Antonio Reyes and Jesús Méndez

Palmas: Los Mellis

Sound technician: Fali Pipió

Running time: 90 minutes without intermission

Towards a first anthology of guitar playing for flamenco singing

The young guitarist Dani de Morón has resorted to the magic of numbers in order to present the first ontology of guitar playing for flamenco singing in the history of flamenco. The project is entitled 21 (referring both to the century and to the contemporary vocation of the magic spell of the pieces it contains) and is supported by the advice given to him by Paco de Lucía during the tour of Cositas Buenas. On stage, Morón will multiply and unfold himself accompanied by the flamenco singers Duquende, Jesús Méndez and Antonio Reyes. He will also perform pieces on his own with the brightness of a guitar which penetrates the remotest corners of the flamenco quejío.