Course on musical analysis. Claude Debussy and Manuel de Falla (1918-2018): analysis, aesthetics and creative processes
16 de November a 18 de November

Course on musical analysis. Claude Debussy and Manuel de Falla (1918-2018): analysis, aesthetics and creative processes


From 16 November to 18 November


Euroarab foundation of high studies ( 27, San Jeronimo Street)






From 140€ to 140 €

Aimed to: students of Music Sciences and music history; students of Conservatories in their last years of studies. Musicians, music teachers, composers and performers.


Coordinator: Pedro Ordóñez Eslava (Granada University)


Teaching staff: Yvan Nommick, José Mª Sánchez-Verdú and José Luis Besada


Contents: On the occassion of the Centennary of Claude Debussy’s death, several lectures and seminars will be programmed, in order to study and analyse the aesthetic and musical link between Debussy and Manuel de Falla, as well as the influence of the french composer  in contemporary creation, from a musicologic, aesthetic and creative perspective, involving  students in this process.

Contents of lectures and seminars:

José Mª Sánchez-Verdú (Composer. Robert Schumann Hochschule-Düsseldorf): from the basis of interdisciplinary two lines of work will be proposed: Surface, ornamentation, arabesques. Links between Islamic art and music in the XXth Century (Debussy, Boulez, Feldman, Donatoni, De Pablo, Haas, Sánchez-Verdú). Real space, resounding and virtual space. Scene and orchestration (Debussy, Boulez, Sciarrino, Czernowin, Andre, Sánchez-Verdú).

José Luis Besada (Musicologist. University of Strasbourg): in the framework of several lectures and analysis seminars, two action lines will be developed: a History of musical analysis in the XXth century throughout Debussy’s work (from Schenker to musical analysis assisted with computers, with examples from Ruwet or Lewin); echoes of Debussy’s piano in recent works (Murail, Nante or Posadas)

Yvan Nommick (Musicologist. University of Montpellier 3): from a methodological approach which analyses works bearing in mind their musical and extra-musical sources of inspiration and their creative process, composition techniques of the French master will be examined, as well as his treatment of harmony, melody, timbre and shape. Detailed analysis of scores will be made in combination with an aesthetic and hermeneutics reflection


Dates: from November 16 to 18th both included

Venue: Euroarab Foundation of high studies (27, San Jeronimo Street)



Friday 16 and Saturday 17 november: from 9.00 to 14.30h and from 4 to 8.30 pm.

Sunday 18: from 9.30 to 14.30 pm.


Number of hours: 30


Places: 25


Fees: 140€

Registration fee and accommodation scholarships can be applied for within the deadline

Places: 25


Deadline for registration: 5 November

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