Cuarteto Bretón
Centro Federico García Lorca
Wednesday 23 June 20:00 Chamber music concert
Chamber Music


Cuarteto Bretón

Anne-Marie North, violin

Antonio Cárdenas, violin

Rocío Gómez, viola

John Stokes, cello



Crumb-Lorca Project I


José María Sánchez-Verdú (1968)

Paraíso cerrado (Cuarteto de cuerda nº 9) (2012)



Juan-Alfonso García (1935-2015)

Cuarteto de cuerda (2007)



George Crumb (1929)

Black Angels: 13 Images from the Dark Land (Images I) (amplified string quartet. 1970)

Cycle in co-production with the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical

In collaboration with the Centro Federico García Lorca

Concert with no interval

From the Dark Land

The Cuarteto Bretón opens this cycle dedicated to the North American composer Gerorge Crumb with the interpretation of one of his most emblematic works, the Black Angels quartet, (Thirteen Images from the Dark Land), also known by the name of The Vietnam Quartet for reflecting the everlasting struggle between good and evil. The program is completed by Cuarteto de Cuerda by the priest, composer and organist of the Cathedral of Granada for more than half a century, Juan-Alfonso García, who in the score explains that it is not a common quartet, but rather a «music to be performed by a string quartet». And by his most advanced and internationally renowned student, José María Sánchez-Verdú, they will play Paraíso Cerrado, his ninth quartet, premiered in Hannover in 2012 and dedicated to the maestro.