Concerto 1700
The San Jeronimo Monastery
Sunday 11 July 12:30 Singing and Chiming. Ancient and Baroque Sounds
Singing and Chiming. Ancient and Baroque Sounds


Concerto 1700

Carlos Mena, countertenor

Daniel Pinteño, baroque violin and conductor



Obscura noche

Night and Dawn in the Spanish cantadas


Francisco Hernández Illana (1700-1780)

Obscura noche (Christmas cantada. 1746) *+

Ese infante nace (Christmas cantada. c. 1765) *+

Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1715)

Sonata for Violin and Continuous, Anh. 35 (1697)

José de Torres (c. 1670-1738)

Pues a sus luces bellas (Cantada to the Blessed Sacrament. c. 1730) +

Giovanni Bononcini (1670-1747)

Sonata da camera a tre Nº 11 (1732)

Antonio Literes (1673-1747)

Ya por el horizonte (Cantada to the Blessed Sacrament. c. 1728) Ø

* Historic revival, premiere in modern times

+ Edited by Raúl Angulo (Asociación Ars Hispana)

Ø Edited by Toni Pons (Asociación Ars Hispana)


Concert with no interval

The Dark Night

Concerto 1700, one of the most relevant groups on the Spanish historicist scene, joins here with an international figure such as Carlos Mena for a program that mixes Italian and Spanish music from the 18th century. Mena will perform cantadas for the Corpus Christi celebrations by two already well-known Hispanic Baroque teachers, José de Torres and Antonio Literes, who would coincide for a few years in the Royal Chapel, and another two by a composer who is being brought to light in recent years, the Valencian Francisco Hernández Illana, who spent more than forty years as a chapel master at Burgos Cathedral. Illana’s cantadas, dedicated to Christmas, have recently been revived by musicologist Raúl Angulo, and will be heard for the first time in modern times. As context, some Italian instrumental pieces will be played.