Compañía Blanca Li
The Generalife Theatre
Saturday 26 June 22:30 Dance


Compañía Blanca Li




Choreography and artistic direction: Blanca Li

Staging and playwriting: Pierre Attrait

Video and new technologies: Charles Carcopino

Music: Tao Gutiérrez

Lighting: Caty Olive

Costume design: Laurent Mercier

Production: Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse

Performance with no interval

A Journey to a Universe in Motion

Produced by the National Theatre of Chaillot, this piece by Blanca Li (Granada, 1964) delves into the theme of the coexistence of the human being with nature, and the need to preserve the planet. The current director of the Teatros del Canal in Madrid has brought together on stage a musician with a group of contemporary dancers with a remarkable personality. This time Li wanted her dance to be as organic as contemporary, by visualizing the dancer’s body on the edge between nature and civilization. In Solstice, the Paris-forged creator places the human being not in the centre of everything, but in a dialogue with the planet, a conversation as beautiful as heart breaking. It evokes the disorders of our ecosystem through the power of dance in connection with the setting, the costumes, the images and the music. With her singular eclecticism, Blanca Li suggests a fascinating journey towards a universe in motion.