Compañía Antonio Najarro
The Generalife Theatre
Saturday 11 July 22:30 Dance


Compañía Antonio Najarro

Antonio Najarro, director




Concept, original idea and stage: Antonio Najarro

Choreography: Antonio Najarro

Music and musical direction: Fernando Egozcue

Lighting design: Nicolás Fischtel (AAI)

Costumes design: Oteyza, Víctor Muro, Antonio Najarro

Production: Antonio Najarro S.L.


Fernando Egozcue, guitar

Thomas Potirón, violin

Laura Pedreira, piano

Miguel Rodrigáñez, double bass

Martín Bruhn, percussion

Performance without intermission

Estimated duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Alento Revisited

After finishing his eight-year period as director of the Spanish National Ballet (BNE), Antonio Najarro now goes back to his private company. His first show is with one of the titles he choreographed for the BNE, Alento, premiered in June 2015. In this revival, the Madrid director adds two more scenes to the preexisting six, premiered in April 2019 by his group. Spanish dance in its most stylized version is woven here among the notes of the composer Fernando Egozcue, who will play on stage with four other musicians. With long and airy costumes, the female dancers blow up their chiffon skirts, while the men wear dark clothes and shirts buttoned around the neck, in this abstract ballet illuminated by the distinguished Nicolás Fischtel.