Carmen Linares, 40 years of Flamenco
Palacio de los Córdova
Saturday 18 July 23:59 Flamenco


Carmen Linares, flamenco singer

Salvador Gutiérrez, guitar

Pablo Suárez, piano

Vanesa Aibar, dance

Josemi Garzón, double bass

Karo Sampela, drums

Ana María González and Rosario Amador, chorus and palmas

With the special collaboration of Marina Heredia (flamenco singer) and Miguel Ángel Cortés (guitar)

Concert without intermission

Estimated duration: 1 hour 35 minutes

Symbol, Emblem and Myth

Carmen Linares is the great master of this century. No other current flamenco singer is so “long and expert” in knowledge, prolific in discography, connoisseur of the beautiful and deep flamenco borders of the so-called free and lustful songs in the flamenco cantes, a lady of sublime forms on the stage, famous, committed to art and music, adored by her fans, symbol, emblem and myth, like Carmen Linares. With her, a musical miracle occurs that makes it an exquisite singer of all the existing cantes jondos: roundness. And this round singer will show her 40 years of experience at the foot of the Alhambra, at the Palacio de los Córdova. 40 years that have raised and eternalized her, in life, as one of the most important flamenco voices of all time.