Cancanilla de Málaga & Yeyé de Cádiz & Guadiana
Auditorio Municipal La Chumbera
Friday 9 July 21:30 Flamenco
Flamenco Soirées


Cancanilla de Málaga, singing

Yeyé de Cádiz,singing


Chaparro de Málaga, guitar



Fragua flamenca

Concert with no interval

Sea and River Jondo Sounds

Málaga, Cádiz and Extremadura have contributed with numerous figures to the history of flamenco. Among all of them, the selection of these three wonders is of exquisite taste. The dialectical singing of impossible rhythms by Cancanilla de Málaga, a genius of the beat that “takes away feeling” with his masterful ‘pataíllas’, joins the award-winning voice of Yeyé de Cádiz, an indisputable flamenco voice, broad in repertoire and knowledge. Along with them, a maestro of the most beautiful melodies, sung by several generations of young artists, Guadiana. And to cover it all with the mantle of deep sound that such figures require, the impeccable and prodigious guitar of Chaparro de Málaga.