Juan Carlos Garvayo
Centro Federico García Lorca
Wednesday 29 June 20:00 Recital
Great Performers




Juan Carlos Garvayo, piano






Manuel de Falla (1876-1946)

Homenaje “Le tombeau de Claude Debussy” (1920)


Claude Debussy (1826-1918)

La Puerta del Vino (from Préludes, Deuxième livre. 1912-1913)

Lindaraja (1901)


Manuel de Falla

Pour le tombeau de Paul Dukas (1935)


Paul Dukas (1865-1935)

La plainte, au loin, du faune (from Le tombeau de Claude Debussy. 1920)


Mauricio Sotelo (1961)

Entra el alba en la Alhambra* (2022)


Joaquín Nin Castellanos (1879-1949)

Mensaje a Claudio Debussy “Boceto sinfónico” (1929)


Ernesto Halffter (1905-1989)

L’espagnolade (1937)


Carlos Suriñach (1915-1997)

Trois chansons et danses espagnoles (1951)

* Rerun. Commissioned by the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical


Encouraged by Felipe Pedrell, Manuel de Falla arrived in Paris in 1907. Until his return to Madrid in 1914, forced by the start of the Great War, the Cadiz composer spent some crucial years in his training: “As far as my job is concerned, my homeland is Paris”, he will say later. There he meets and becomes intimate with some of the best composers of the moment, including Paul Dukas, who will be his teacher, and Claude Debussy. The relationships between the three are invigorating: Debussy composes La Puerta del Vino from a coloured postcard that Falla sent him. When Debussy died in 1918, both Dukas and the Andalusian musician would compose a tombeau each in tribute. Falla also wrote another on the death of Dukas, in 1935. Juan Carlos Garvayo has centered his program in this exchange of tributes, which is expanded with other works, including a rerun of a Mauricio Sotelo’s piece.