2023 Orquesta Nacional de España & David Afkham
The Palace of Charles V
Sunday 9 July 22:00 Symphony concert
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Orquesta Nacional de España

David Afkham, conductor




Triptych Mahler II


Tomás Marco (1942)

Ur-Nachtmusik (Mahleriana 4) (2023) *


Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)

Symphony No. 7 in E minor (1904-1905)


* World premiere. Comissioned by the Granada Festival

Mahlerian Nocturne

The second chapter of the Mahlerian triptych surrenders to the night in the hands of David Afkham and the Spanish National Orchestra. Song of the Night, this is how the Bohemian composer’s Seventh Symphony is known –written between 1904 and 1905– is a piece marked by its symmetrical structure in five movements, with its two Nocturnes in second and fourth place that escort a central Scherzo indicated by Mahler as “ghost-like” and that has an authentic expressionist core, with its distorted waltz rhythm. As an addition to Mahler’s work, Tomás Marco has written Ur Nachtmusik (Mahleriana 4) commissioned by the Festival, another nocturne, whose world premiere will precede the performance of the Seventh.


Concert with no interval