2023 Jorge Pardo Trío
Auditorio Municipal La Chumbera
Friday 7 July 21:00 Flamenco
Flamenco Soirées






Jorge Pardo, flute

Dani Casares, guitar

Adri Trujillo, percussion



Flamenco Trío

A Trio of Essentials

There is a state of ascension and communion of the soul with the metaphysical and with the spiritual, experienced by the great mystical authors in the history of literature, and this was caused by the great musicians in the history of the stave. It is the audience that enters that sublime state when the stars align and when what the elderly call the “magic elf” (duende) comes into play. This legend of music wants to take us there, this myth of flamenco, whose forms and gait are even mystical, and whose mere presence on stage is already a reason for peace and harmony. Maestro Jorge Pardo brings to the heights of the La Chumbera Auditorium this dialectic dialogue of three sounds shared with the universal guitar of Dani Casares and the essential percussion of Adri Trujillo.

Concert with no interval