2023 Bob Dylan
The Generalife Theatre
Tuesday 13 June 21:30 Concierto extraordinario
Extraordinary Concert


Bob Dylan


Rough and Rowdy Ways Tour

Life in a Song

His is such a gigantic and polyhedral song that it even has a Nobel Prize for Literature. Also the Prince of Asturias Award winner, Robert Allen Zimmerman, known by all as Bob Dylan, is together with Leonard Cohen, the most influential singer-songwriter of today, yesterday and tomorrow. Behind his music and his lyrics, there is an analytical and reflective world connected to mundane, timeless emotions. Then there is the music, the poetry, the dramatic gesture of his interpretations, the substratum of his compositions, rooted in the soil of North American folk and expanded with the natural countercultural rebellion of rock music. All the songs inhabit his voice, because he lives and expresses all emotions, regardless of the heart and blood that pump behind them. This universal troubadour returns to Granada, to the Festival at the Teatro del Generalife, in what will be his fourth visit, after that first one in 1999, embraced by the poetry of Lorca and within the framework of a program for history, in which none other than Lou Reed and Patti Smith also took part. Today his rendezvous with the Alhambra has more adjectives if that would be possible, but he substantiates everything as the great icon of popular culture of the 20th century that he is, and as the great protagonist of the history of author singing and rock of this time.

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  • Festival’s regular discounts will not apply for this concert.
  • Tickets prices will be increased with a distribution cost of €4
  • You may buy a maximum of 2 tickets


Doors opening: 8 pm

You are kindly requested to arrive as soon as possible.


General Conditions

Doors will open one and a half hours before the beginning of the concert and will close at the time announced for the beginning of the show.

Smoking is not allowed within the venue. The taking of photographs, filming and recording is absolutely forbidden. The concert may be subject to modification for reasons beyond the Festival’s control. The Festival will only accept the return of tickets in case of cancellation. If the event is cancelled, the ticket purchaser is entitled to the refund of the value of the ticket within 15 days from the event’s official cancellation date.

The Festival does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets unless purchased at one of the official points of sale, and will assume no responsibility for lost or stolen tickets.

Admission is forbidden to children under 6. The Festival reserves the right to refuse admission.




This is a “PHONE FREE SHOW”, meaning that smartphones are not allowed in the venue during the concert.


Once you get to the venue, Yondr (the company hired by the artist for this concert providing the pouches for the phones) will provide specialized staff to help you secure your phone in a closed and safe pouch, which will remain in your possession during the concert.


In the event you should have an emergency and need to have access to your phone, you will be able to unblock the pouch at any time. Please go to one of the specific and designated phone-use areas. Do not hesitate to ask for help to a member of Yondr’s staff.


After having created this “phone free experience” in recent Bob Dylan’s tours, it has been proved that a phone free concert improves the audience’s musical experience. Our eyes open a little wider and our senses sharpen slightly once we forget about the “technological crutch” to which we have become so attached. People buying a ticket and attending the concert are explicitly assuming the above-mentioned conditions, and it will be their responsibility in case of non-compliance, although medical exemptions will be accepted for people depending on their phones for a specific treatment or for those in need of communication for other type of emergencies.