2023 Benjamin Alard, organ
The San Jeronimo Monastery
Saturday 24 June 12:30 Recital
Singing and Chiming. Ancient and Baroque Sounds



Benjamin Alard, organ



Georg Muffat (1653-1704)

Toccata tertia

Chacona in G major


Johann Jakob Froberger (1616-1667)

Fantasia sopra ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la, FbWV 201


Louis Couperin (1626-1661)

Seven Fantasies


Francisco Correa de Arauxo (1584-1654)

Two Tientos de tiples


Juan Cabanilles (1644-1712)

Two Pasacalles


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Canzona, in D minor, BWV 588


Georg Muffat

Passacaglia in G minor


Nicolas de Grigny (1672-1703)

Point d’orgue sur les grands jeux, from A solis ortus (Livre d’orgue)

A Bach Interpreter on the Organ

Being one of the most acclaimed interpreters of Bach’s music on the harpsichord, Benjamin Alard will show his skills as an organist this time though, and he will do so on the instrument of the San Jerónimo monastery, originally by Fray Francisco Alejo Muñoz, who built it in 1727 for the convent of Santa Paula. On the program, the great French keyboardist mixes French and German traditions. And, of course, there will be Bach, but also Froberger, whose art, especially for the harpsichord, was the foundation for the development of various styles in the north and south, and he will prove it with the music by Muffat as well as that by the French organists (Grigny, Louis Couperin). But Alard also approaches Spain, to account for two of the most important masters of the great Iberian organ tradition, the Sevillian Correa de Arauxo and the Valencian Cabanilles.

Concert with no interval

In co-production with: Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical