2022-Course. Jondo in music today: projections from the global south
29 de June a 1 de July

2022-Course. Jondo in music today: projections from the global south


From 29 June to 1 July


Palacio de la Madraza






From 100€ to 140 €


Students and newly graduates of History and Music Sciences, of Cultural and Social Anthropology, Fine Arts, History of Art, Hispanic Philology, Comparative Literature; students and newly graduates of professional  teachings in music and humanities. Music teachers, researchers, performers, and all those interested in the contents of the course.




Pedro Ordóñez Eslava and Javier García Fernández


Teaching staff


Luis García Montero, Ana Gallego Cuiñas, José Antonio G. Alcantud, Consuelo Pérez Colodrero, Óscar Escudero, Belenish Moreno Gil, Niño de Elche, Mauricio Sotelo, Juan Carlos Garvayo, Raúl Rodríguez, Ramón Grosfoguel, Meira Goldberg (online), Antonio Arias, Isabel Daza, Yinka Esi Graves (online), María Cañas




On the occasion of the Centenary of the First Cante Jondo contest held in Granada, and in the framework of a program devoted to this ephemeris, this multidisciplinary and polyhedral course will try to describe the influence of lo jondo in current music, from a critical perspective.


Since the formulation of lo jondo established by Federico García Lorca, and its poetic and political recovery embodied by Juan de Loxa during the second wave of the historic andalusian expression, this word, lo jondo, has nominalized several esthetical and artistic attitudes. In addtion to the strictly musical, which would include not only its implementation in the flamenco, but also its influence in other genres like folk urban musics, sound art or academic music, lo jondo also filters to poetry, prose fiction, anthropology or musical aesthetics. This course will join numerous jondo voices, in the form of critical talks, and in the framework of global South


Dates and timetable


June 29 to July 1,  in morning and afternoon sessions




Palacio de la Madraza






In addition to face-to-face classes, participants are kindly requested to write a review about the course, containing from 3 to 5 bibliographic mentions. This writing will be sent by e-mail to cursos@granadafestival.org within 10 days after the end of the course.


Fees:  € 140

Special fees for students at Spanish public universities and music conservatories:€ 100

(for invoking special fees it is compulsory to provide the organisation of the courses with a document proving the condition of enrolled student during the course 2021-2022



Grants offered by the organisation of the Courses: applications may be made, within the deadline for registrations,  for grants covering fees. For further information please see the enrollment conditions of this website

AIE, the Spanish management entity for music performers and executant musicians offers grants for active participants in some activities of the Manuel de Falla Courses, this course included. Deadline for applications is April 22nd at 6pm. More information at www.aie.es

Only one type of grant can be obtained by the applicants





Selection process


Places will be covered by order of reception of complete applications. Succesful applicants will be notified by e-mail.


Deadline for registrations


May 17th at 2pm



With the collaboration of

Department of History and Music Sciences. University of Granada