Course on musical creation: the composer in the 21st century and music for audiovisual media
4 de July a 8 de July

Course on musical creation: the composer in the 21st century and music for audiovisual media


From 4 July to 8 July


Centro Federico García Lorca






From 100€ to 230 €


Composers, teachers at conservatoires and high music schools. Students and newly graduated in History and Music Sciences and Computer engineering; students at conservatories and music schools, and all those interested in the contents of this course.



Pedro Osuna


Teaching staff


Pedro Osuna, Anele Onyekwere, Hila Plitmann, Adam Kallibjian, Òscar Senén and Sophia Bacelar.


Anele Onyekwere, Adam Kallibjian, Sophia Bacelar and Hila Plitmann will participate online




During the course, Pedro Osuna,  together with international renowned experts in the field of composition and audiovisual media, will explore the rol of the composer in the 21 century. All those interested in making a career in musical creation will receive keys from the teaching staff, going deep into the process of composition of a soundtrack.


At the beginning of the course, participants will present a composition created for the course, which will be analyzed during the classes. At the end of the course, they will start writing a piece for the scene of a film. Students who wish the coordinator to correct the pieces are kindly requested to send them before July 30th,2022.


Dates and hours


July 4 to 8, from 4 to 8 pm. During the course, some sessions will be open to the general public




Centro Federico García Lorca






Fees:  € 230

Observers: € 100


Students at public Spanish universities or music conservatories and schools: € 200

(for invoking special fees it is compulsory to provide the organisation of the courses with a document proving the condition of enrolled student during the course 2021-2022)




Applications for grants covering fees (active students) can be made within the deadline for registrations. For further information please see the enrollment conditions on this website



20 active students


Selection process: those interested in taking part are kindly requested to send a résumé, and one or two compositions (with or without score), of music for concert, videogames or soudtrack.The coordinator will select active students.

Observers will be welcome if the sanitary situation allows it. Places are limited, and they will be covered by order of reception of complete applications, that will have to include a résumé. Those applicants not selected as active students will be given priority.


Deadline for applications: May 10th at 2 pm


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