Course on musical analysis: modernity and postmodernity before J. S. Bach’s legacy
22 de June a 24 de June

Course on musical analysis: modernity and postmodernity before J. S. Bach’s legacy


From 22 June to 24 June


Espacio V Centenario






From 100€ to 140 €


Students of History and music sciences, students and newly graduates of professional teachings in music. Music teachers, researchers, performers, and all those interested in the contents of the course.



Marina Hervás Muñoz


Teaching staff

Ramón del Castillo, Ugo Fellone, Luis Gago, Marina Hervás, Teresa López, Rubén López Cano, Sander van Maas, Anna Margules, Andrea Moore (online)



On the occasion of the celebration in the framework of the 71 International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada of several performances that, from different perspectives, go through J. S. Bach’s music, this course will think about the return of music by Johann Sebastian Bach in music of 20 and 21 centuries.

Dates and timetable


June 22 to 24, in morning and afternoon sessions



Espacio V Centenario (tbc)






In addition to face-to-face classes, participants are kindly requested to write a review about the course, containing from 3 to 5 bibliographic mentions. This writing will be sent by e-mail to within 10 days after the end of the course.


Fees:  € 140

Students from Spanish public universities and conservatories: € 100


(For invoking special fees it is compulsory to provide the organization of the courses with a document proving the condition of enrolled student during the course 2021-2022)


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AIE, the Spanish management entity for music performers and executant musicians offers grants for active participants in some activities of the Manuel de Falla Courses, this course included. Deadline for applications is April 22nd at 6pm. More information at

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Selection process


Places will be covered by order of reception of complete applications than must include a résumé. Succesful applicants will be notified by e-mail.


Deadline for registrations


May 17th at 2pm



With the collaboration of

Department of History and Music Sciences. University of Granada