Teatro Isabel la Católica

Theatre in the heart of the city. The old tradition of theatre-going.


As a result of the broad urban renovation carried out in the 1940s, Granada once again had a purpose-built theatre, called Isabel la Católica, to add to the cultural activity in the city; this theatre has been operational for seventy years, until 1936, and was a reflection of local interest in the dramatic arts. The new Isabel la Católica Theatre was opened in 1952 in its current site just a few days before the start of the very first Granada Festival. The theatre stage was used for the closing performance of that first edition with two recitals by the unforgettable Andrés Segovia.


After a period in the doldrums when it was used as a cinema, it was bought by the Granada Town Hall. The building was then renovated and its staging possibilities were enhanced beyond the requirements for purely theatrical performances. It reopened in 1998. Dance, flamenco and children’s shows within the Granada Festival have all been staged in this theatre which has had further recent improvements carried out to the upper circle.