The Generalife Theatre

Open-air theatre for dance and ballet in the pleasure garden and playground of sultans.


The open-air theatre in the Generalife gardens was originally conceived as a privileged setting for dance performances. It owes its existence to the Granada Festival since it was inaugurated in 1953, during the Festival’s second year, with a performance of Spanish dance. Orchard, garden, country residence, farm and even, already in the 14th century, a pleasure palace for sultans, this harmonious complex of nature and architecture which makes up the Generalife brings together refinement and learning which is also reflected in inscriptions such as: «Enter with composure, speak with knowledge, be economical with your words, leave in peace.»


The present theatre in the Generalife Gardens is the result of renovation which took place between 2003 and 2005. It was reopened during the 54th session of the Festival with a double performance which brought together three of the most international names of Spanish culture in the last century: Manuel de Falla, Federico García Lorca and Salvador Dalí.

Events at The Generalife Theatre