The Patio de los Arrayanes

An open coffer with water at its core, a reflected tower. Piano, song, quartets …


Piano and song have been the main musical protagonists of this emblematic space in the Alhambra. Already in 1953 the Festival made it possible for audiences to hear an outstanding pianist within this setting. In the words of the great critic Enrique Franco, «that first recital had an intimate feel, a brief flight, to the soft background of birds and water of the Patio de los Arrayanes which impressed the audience. There was a moment when the music itself seemed like a sigh, a fountain or a bird.». Similar sensations and impressions have affected audiences to this day.


It is a privilege to attend a concert in this setting, where one mingles with the myrtle which borders the magnificent rectangular pool in which everything that surrounds it is reflected. If we raise our eyes from our seats we see the magnificent Torre de Comares, while in the twilight an occasional swift swoops down over the water of the pool to produce concentric circles with its beak, waves which make a filigree of the Patio de los Arrayanes and its temporary residents, ourselves.